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Telenor Announces its 2nd Youth Summit Meeting

Telenor Group, in venture with the Nobel Peace Center, has revealed Telenor Youth Summit 2014, to be held in Dec this present year.

Telenor stated that it invites youth to discover how mobile and digital communication can bring social change and make opportunities for all.

Telenor Group will host its Youth Summit from December. 9-11, 2014, in Oslo. The big event follows last year’s successful inaugural gathering and coincides with the Nobel Peace Prize celebrations taking place the same week in Norway.
The summit meeting will bring together youth between the ages of 18 to 25 from all-around Telenor’s geographical footprint in Asia and European countries. It will challenge this generation of digital natives to show how digital communication can better lives and empower societies, drive comprehensive growth and promote cross-border discussion.

Telenor Group has established the summit’s web site today and an open Facebook group. These 2 digital platforms provide potential candidates and other interested parties with information about the coming event and last year’s summit and candidates.


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