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Pakistani Prisoner Abdul Jabbar Allegedly Attacked In Indian Jail

Another Pakistani Prisoner Abdul Jabbar is under critical condition right after Indian extremists attacked him in Tihar Jail, New Delhi. According to details, 2 Indian prisoners Ajay Kumar and Ranjeet attacked on Jabbar on Tuesday. Both prisoners wanted to kill Jabbar and they attacked with a blade. Jabbar got serious damages on face and neck. The Indian is not displaying this news while Jabbar is still in jail infirmary.

After this news leak by a Pakistani newspaper, Abdul Jabbar’s family is demanding President Zardari to use diplomatic ways to move Pakistani prisoner In Pakistan for treatment. Jabbar’s Brother Riaz Ahmed lives in Dharampura Lahore. Riaz showed wariness on this news. He also told that his mom is heart patient.

It’s value mentioning here that Abdul Jabbar visited India on legal visa. When he was locked up, media described that his VISA was expired and he was spying for Pakistan.

This new uncivilized war is becoming more complex and both nations government authorities haven’t proposed any solution to counter this issue in the future.


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