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Selena Gomez wins Ultimate Choice Award Year 2014

The 2014 Teen Choice Awards handed out dozens upon a large number of surfboards on Sunday night (Aug. 10), but the teen friendly popular culture favorites such as Shailene Woodley, Josh Hutcherson, Pretty Little Liars and the Kardashians couldn't hold a candle to this year’s Ultimate Choice Award winner: Selena Gomez.

Mentioning her 10-plus Teen Choice Awards and different work in music, comedy, fashion and beauty, hosts Sarah Hyland as well as Tyler Posey presented Gomez with her colourful, summer surf board. Playing clips from her Disney Television program Wizards of Waverly Place, films such as Getaway and her singles “Come and have it,” “Love You Like A Love Song” and “Slow Down.
Then, she gave a brief and simple speech with her latest trophy, possibly hinting at some personal life difficulties from the past month in the procedure.

“Thank you so much! I have to be sincere, especially this particular month. I cannot thank you guys, amidst all of the stuff we deal with in person, you remind me what’s important: giving and caring about one another,” she stated. “There’s one thing I would like to say. I want to say thanks to my mom so much. She’s the best human being in the world… she’s given up her life for me personally. Always love your mom.”


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