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Tv Actress Muzna Ibrahim Biography

Actress Munza Ibrahim is becoming a familiar face of Pakistani media field day by day as she's with many entertainment industries because of which she brought up with a great identification. Multi-talented Munza Ibrahim is also a physician by profession as she was one of the genius students. Actress was born in Africa as she belongs to Tanzanian descent and her mom is from Dhaka.
The actress with the Brit appearance migrated to Karachi Pakistan with her family in her teen age as she's spent 2 yrs in England too. Because of the shifting, actress had to suffer for her studies too simply because she knew only French and wasn't able to speak English and Urdu.

After took an admission at college in Pakistan, she also learnt English and Urdu here due to which she had to do double work hard. Being a mischievous pupil, actress aimed to be an doctor as she worked really hard in order to finish her aim of life.

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