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Reason Behind Actress Arij Fatima Sudden Divorce

Eventually the secret regarding the sudden divorce of Arij Fatyma revealed. She herself did not say anything about her sudden breakup and getting death threats from her x husband. Its a media report that her Ex Husband is spotted as a high class international girls provider and Gay. 

Based to the source he was spotted with boys in sexual positions at private parties while drunked and also said to be smuggler of drugs.

Her Ex-husband Faraz Anwer is gay and also an global supplier of girls such as Mathira and some others. he has been noticed with boys in romantic positions in private get-togethers in drunk condition. He is also smuggler of drugs according to our sources he's been threatening Arij and sending her death threats simply because she took divorce after learning his truth. Now he's totally exposed with proof! Someone should take action against these types of scams and mentally sick people. GOD BLESS ARIJ

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