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Malaysian plane MH370 may have crashed near around India

Sydney: Australian experts on Wednesday stated they have noticed a low-frequency under water noise off India’s southern region tip at about the time MH370 mysteriously vanished, as a British woman sailing from Kochi to Phuket in March reported that she may have experienced the plane on fire.

The scientists detected the mysterious sound, possibly that of an sea impact, recorded by 2 undersea receivers in the Indian Ocean about the time period the Malaysia Airlines plane ceased satellite transmissions and vanished on March 8 with 239 people on board. The experts released an audio recording of the under water sound that they say may be related to the last moments of the missing Boeing 777.

“It’s not even really a thump sort of a noise it’s more of a dull oomph,” Alec Duncan, a senior aquatic science research other at Curtin University near Perth, who's led the research, advised The New York Times.

The general area from which the noise emanated is a big area of the central Indian Ocean off the southern region tip of India and about 3,000 miles northwestern of Australia. But that isn't constant with calculations of an arc of potential locations in the southeastern Indian Ocean in which the plane might have run out of fuel.


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