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Indian Companies Willing To Produce Electricity in Thar

Karachi: After the acceptance of the Germany, China and US energy boards to declare coals found in Thar in Pakistan to be most effective and suitable medium for producing electrical energy, Indian organizations have presented their desire to begin their projects here.
The world recognized companies have declared the coal as the best form raw material. According to a study, there exist about 175 Arab ton coal reserves spread in 9,000 hectares kilometers. In order to extract the coal, 12 blocks of 1,000 kilometers have been built for the purpose. Chairman of Sindh Board of Investment Zubair Motiwala in this link mentioned that a block contains about two tons of coal.

Zubair has appealed to the federal government to allocate the tariff of the Thar coal so that after 3 years grids can be utilized for open mouth mining for the production of electricity.

Development tasks in the desert area are underway to provide with water supply, proper transportation and airports. 2 Indian organizations have presented interest in generating 4,000 megawatt electrical energy in the area.

Analysts and experts have presented the thought that if the federal government stresses on utilizing the resources in Thar and the local coal rather than the imported coals then this would produce huge job opportunities with cheap production of electricity by using high quality coal with decreasing the total expenditure.


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  1. good news comes from India and humanity restored. Need to fund more on Renewable Energy. Electric Power Companies

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