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Imran Khan To Begin Talent Hunt Programme In KPK

Peshawar: The sport man come politician Imran Khan , founding leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had revealed the starting of the ‘Imran Khan Talent Hunt Programme’ in July which is likely to begin in the end of the following month. Former Pakistan team captain Imran Khan and the PTI Sports and Culture chairman Iftikhar Elahi of KP briefed that the programme is aimed at growing the sport activities in the provinces.

At the Peshawar Press Club the President said that we look forward to restoring the province’s peace and initiating healthy sport strategies could be a step forward to the cause. Iftikhar said that the PTI leader wants to inculcate sport activities among the youth, allowing them to go up to the national level gaming. Imran Khan would like to see the KP talented youth with the national players and for the purpose he would be training the enthusiastic individuals at the provincial level and leading them under his supervision.

KP General Secretary Asif Orakzai however further elaborated that from Peshawar Sports Complex under-19 team would be chosen who would be trained for next 3 weeks. The players will then have matches with those of the other provinces . The chosen players will then be sent to Tajikistan where the legend himself would train them.


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