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Beauty Competition Opposing ‘Miss World Contest’ Gets Public Interest

Jakarta: Indonesian Muslims have announced to response back for the ‘Miss World competition’ through arranging ‘Beauty Contest’ –as described in Islam this Wednesday. Earlier a week ago, protests had been seen all over country against the ‘Miss World Contest’. The Islamist group Hizbut Tahrir members had highly opposed it, stating it to be a display of ‘women skin’. Women had taken towards roads, chanted slogans demanding the ‘Miss World Contest’ never to to occur. Numerous Islamic Groups appreciated this initiative for “The Muslimah World contest” that is providing real face of Muslim Women.
The federal government is said to have had offered complete support towards planners of the event. In reaction to it, ‘Beauty Contest’ is being held this week. One of the participants Eka Shanty talked that we'd enjoy the beauty contest that has totally contradictory format than that of Miss World Contest.

There out of five hundred women, 20 women would be selected who would recite Quran Majeed and share their stories that how they started to toke Dupattas.

Women from Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Burma would be a part of the fashion parade which will help the young Muslim women realize that we don’t have to naked ourselves for the purpose. A huge number of women will welcome the Dupatta wearing ladies in the contest.

It is pertinent here to mention that protests are being held in the country up against the Miss World competition.


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