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Pakistani Actress Resham States Dictators Doomed Whole Film Industry

Lahore: Pakistan Bollywood actress Resham states that dictators like Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar had earlier caused harm to the Muslims; such are the individuals in the Pakistani media industry who can be alleged and held accountable for influencing its glory, taking it to the destructive times.
Expressing her opinions the actress mentioned that still there remain chances for the revival of the film industry, if the legends unite collectively for the cause. “The joined efforts by the legends and the famous media men cannot only improve the weak spots of the industry but may also play important role in rebuilding back the golden times.

The 40-year-old actress stated that the need of the hour is to get united and work for the main cause. It is high time to save our film industry or otherwise regrets would do no good.

Talking regarding her popularity Resham mentioned that the film industry has contributed to her identification. Showing willingness to work she said that if good roles are offered she would definitely appear in the movies. However in a response to a question she said that she would prefer staying at home instead of doing work for the stage dramas, which according to her as fallen in the standard of the ethics and has lost the true essence, charm of it.

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