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Dutch Politician Arnoud Van Doorn Converts to Islam

Anti-Islamic Dutch Politician Arnoud Van Doorn has announced to make new movie to present Islamic Message. Last month Arnoud converted to Islam and decided to dedicate his life for Islam. He also regretted for completely wrong doing in past. The Anti Islamic Movie “Fitna” was commissioned by Party for Freedom and Arnoud Van Doorn was among leading people who pushed this film.

How Arnoud Van Doorn become Muslim?

In an Interview with Al-Jazeera TV, Doorn told how he accepted Islam. He explained that his interest in Islam increased little by little after he started visiting his home city Masjid due to curiosity. I got many negative reports about Islam but I don’t believe in other opinion, he explained. I decided to go for analysis and my coworker Aboe Khoulani helped me for this. He brought me to a Masjid where I received very warmly.

Arnoud Van Doorn 's also tweeting about his newest updates. He visited Saudi Arabia and met numerous religious scholars such as Sheikh Abdur Rahman Al Sudais, Imam of Masjid al-Haram. For the duration of his KSA visit, Muslims congratulated him for His conversion. On other hand, Doorn also expressed joy on this warm welcome. Doorn sadly mentioned that he's also responsible for Film against Islam and he will new international movie to spread positive idea of Islam.

Doorn also disclosed that he visited “Al-Masjid an-Nabawi” in Madina to show his Regret. Next he said that he will put his efforts to give Muslim Rights in Europe.

Here Some Pictures of Arnoud Van Doorn after converting to Islam

Here Is Video

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