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Model Ayyan Song “You and I” Faces Massive Criticism

The supermodel of Pakistan fashion industry Ayyan is becoming a target of criticism nowadays as she's launched her very first official song on Eid named as “You and I” featuring F.Charm which is not happening her way favorably. It's the song of her upcoming album “Nothing like Everything” which will likely be released soon.
The song “You and I” doesn't like by the fans of Ayyan as she's getting worst responses from the viewers like Mathira’s song “Jhootha” which was very criticize by the audiences. Similarly, model turned singer Ayyan couldn't succeed in spreading the charm of her voice. Moreover, Ayyan’s song is also criticizing for immoral shots which are not appropriate Pakistani culture as these kinds of video songs don't get positive response from the audiences. Ayyan’s fans got dissatisfied from her 1st song and even didn’t like Ayyan vocal in this particular song. The song’s rapping was done by F.Charm, a UAE based Rapper which is considering as the worst rap ever.

The foremost model of Pakistan Ayyan couldn't attract her fan with her performing and getting below average response for her 1st song as full song is viewed as biggest failure. After her first song, Ayyan has included in the list of worst singers of Pakistan who couldn't make their bright future in the industry of singing.

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