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Unique Questions asked in Indian National Level Exams

New Delhi: (July 22, 2014) we declare that our education setup is poor and Indian education and learning system is much better than us. We're totally wrong. I consent that Pakistani education system isn't good but it is far better than Indian system where in “Indian Combined Graduate Level Exams” in which one million people participated. 
In these higher-level exams amazing and silly questions are questioned liked which is the finest heroin in Huma Qureshi, Katrina Kaif, Dapika podokon and Priti Zinta? And if all women are cats and all cats are mouse then choose the correct answer

a) All women are mouse

b) All mouse are women

Such question demonstrates the social norms and standards of Indian people. By giving similarity of women with animals demonstrates that people living in India believes that women is just a toy to play with and absolutely nothing and it is true. We notice news about number of rape cases in India on a daily basis and Government have no worries with such kind of news because he understands that what Indian culture is and what Indian people wants.


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