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Who's Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman (jung Owner) Biography & Profile

Mr Mir Shakeel UR Rehman who owns Geo Jang group, his father Mir Khalil Ur Rehman began this. He's also a Pakistani Media mogul and creator of 24 hours News pattern Network on Geo. He is also partner in the independent news corporation, wide range of Newspaper and Magazines are circulated by this media. Shakeel Ur Rehman is youngest son of Mir Khalil Ur Rehman.

Mir Shakeel got his very early education from St Patrick’s HighSchool of Karachi. He began his career in the 2nd time period of Nawaz Sharif as a PM. Nawaz Sharif requested Shakeel to expel a few staff members of the Jung Group. In 2002 Shakeel set up a TV channel name GEO. Geo is known to be the most popular transmission channel of Pakistan.

On the issue of published report on 11th July in 2005 Mir was chosen by the Business week magazines in its list of 25 Stars of Asia, for the role to deliver resolution in their particular field in Asia. In 2006 Mir served as chairman of All Pakistan Newspaper Society. PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf) president Imran Khan has criticized a lot on Shakeel and states that Shakeel Ur Rehman is a black mailer.

A huge number of people on social media have also criticised and even abuses Shakeel Ur Rehman and Geo TV network for distributing vulgarity, Indian tradition and hurting people emotions

News reports claims that Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman along together with his entire family members resides in Dubai. Reliable sources have verified that Mir lives in Emirates Hill region which is condireded expensive area of Dubai.


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