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Google Introduces New Driverless Car Prototype

Google has achieved an important milestone in the lifecycle of its most-ambitious task, the driverless vehicle. After 5 years of hard work, it's eventually launched a working prototype, which it has itself made.

Driverless car, as it is clear from the name, can drive you without any input requirements. You only need to instruct the car – through voice commands — about a location and that’s it.

There aren't any pedals or a steering wheel. It accommodates 2 people simultaneously. The concept is to get around places with no hassles “at the push of a button”. You simply get in, fasten the seat belt and give a instructions.

Driverless car from Google will not be quick, however; the top speed is restricted to only 25 mph but that's far from being important. Also worth noting is the reality that the vehicle, of which about 100 units will exist by summer, isn’t as accurate in rain or snow as of now.

The car is definitely electric, and comes with the a display at the centre of the dashboard, which may show other stuff such as a internet browser too.

1 thing is for sure and that's the driverless car will certainly not be a part of our everyday lives until at least the end of this decade


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