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Girl Killed Elder Sister Because Of Memory Card

Gujranwala: A Younger Girl murdered Her elder sister simply because of a Memory Card. This unfortunate sorrowful case was reported in Gujranwala. According to information, Mother of seven kids Rani visited her Mother home to spend Eid vacations. During these days, she took a memory card from her younger sister.

Later Rani refused to return memory card to her sister which became major reason of dispute. Although it wasn't a big issue, both women scuffled badly.

Younger Sister Iqra wanted her memory card however when elder sister was insisting to take it. There fight became much more serious and Iqra took knife from kitchen to attack on Rani.

Iqra attacked on Rani’s neck with knife which cut her Jugular vein and she died on spot. Police has arrested girl and began investigation. There is no other reason hasn’t exposed by police.


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