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pakistani Cricketer Mohammad Asif Once Again In Fraud

Pakistan banned fast bowler Mohammad Asif has stated that he was robbed on his way from Lahore Airport at Ghazi Road. Robber took away cash money (Rs. 90,000), baggage and gadgets.

Howver Police has refused any mugging/robbery incident with cricketer Mohammad Asif. The police stated that Mohammad Asif faked the mugging incident which was suggested by his own lawyer, to trap a restaurant owner with whom he had a fight. Restaurant owner Saif Dogar has submitted application in police station against Mohammad Asif.

The 30-year-old Mohammad Asif along with fellow cricketer Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir were banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for deliberate bowling no-balls during the Lord’s Test between Pakistan and England in August 2010. Asif has played 23 Test matches and 38 One Day Internationals (ODIs) in which he has taken 106 and 46 wickets respectively.


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