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Big Mustache Becomes Employment source in India

New Delhi, India: There was time period when Men develop Mustache to proof their Manliness in Society but now time has changes purpose several things. Same thing occurs with Mustache, now it has become part of tradition and it has nothing to do with Man’s identification. Men of Most western Countries didn’t grow Mustache but somehow it is present in south Asian Countries. Many traditional men of rural areas declare it as sign of Man.

Indian State Rajasthan is famous as “the land of kings” but it is also famous of traditional following. Local both women and men wear typical traditional clothes while Mustache has significant value in Rajasthan’s community. Now local hotels prefer those men for job who have extra ordinary big and stylish Mustaches. Men with big Mustache are not lower than a degree for any Doorman job in 5 star hotels.

The foreign people like weird Mustache and sometimes they give tip to Gatekeeper because of his Mustache. Hotel administration also pays some amount to gateman to keep his Mustache.

It’s not a simple job to manage big Mustache but now people of Rajasthan are getting advantage from it.
Below are a few interesting images of Mustache
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