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Windows 8 hits 100 million sales

Microsoft Corp has sold hundred million Windows 8 licenses in the 6 months since release, approximately in line with the past version, but wants to combat sputtering interest in its flagship software with excellent update to make it easier to use, and suitable with smaller tablets.

Windows 8 is the first Microsoft operating system primarily designed for touch commands, but it has failed to pick up consumers’ imaginations or make a dent in a tablet market ruled by Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics.

“Is it perfect? No. Are there things we require to change? Absolutely. We are being very real regarding what requires to change and changing it as thoughtfully and quickly as we can”, said Tami Reller, co-head of Microsoft’s Windows unit at the company’s Redmond, Washington headquarters a while back, where she announced the latest Windows sales figure, a number made general public on Monday.

Microsoft (msft) will be rolling out an update to Windows 8, provisionally code-named ‘Windows Blue’, by the end of this present year, Reller said. Details of the update will be revealed in a future few weeks. Although Microsoft has sold 100 million Windows 8 licenses since launch on October 26, matching Windows 7 sales three years previously, it looks unlikely that the new program will see progressively increasing interest, as Windows 7 did, hitting 240 million sales in its first year.


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