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Tanveer Afridi is Planning To Leave Pakistan

Lahore: Singer Tanveer Afridi is looking disappointed on misbehavior of Punjab Police. Speaking with press media, Tanveer Afridi stated that he's serving Pakistani Art for 18 years but our police attitude is extremely disgusting. Afridi also informed that he can take extreme decision if government will not take in the future.
Recently Afridi was badly treated by police along with his work colleagues during a Music Program in Mailsi, Punjab. Afridi took legal permission of show but police didn’t accept that and asked for bribe, Media reported.

Tanveer Afridi said that Interim Government hasn’t taken action on this issue. He also asked government to provide proper security. Afridi also clarified that he always follows laws but now security providers are creating difficulties for him. I visited Punjab after leaving terror situation of Karachi but here Police is making difficulties for me, Tanveer Afridi told media.

Speaking about his future music plan, Tanveer Afridi mentioned that he is going to perform in 140 shows in 35 cities across Punjab. He also warned that if police would do it again same panic activity then he will leave Pakistan and shift to any other country.

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