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Samsung galaxy S4 overheating rumors spreading on social media

Social media most especially Twitter is after Samsung galaxy S4 these days because just after the release of the new S4  many consumers are experiencing an overheating issues with the device plus they are expressing their concern openly and blatantly which is certainly going against the marketing promotion of Samsung galaxy S4

Sources state that these days many buyers are using social media to make a decision whether they should buy S4 or Sony Xperia or HTC one or iPhone 5 but they are finding may users of S4 complaining about the device and numerous mentions of Samsung’s 

The flagship device, which has to fight with likes of HTC 1 and Apple iPhone 5 in the fiercely contested smartphone market, has so far produced more negative PR other players this heating issue above all is certainly not going to help the product in the market.Usually all the devices heat up after a certain amount of time

But what YouTuber SuperFreshTech and others have discovered, is that the brand-new Samsung device perhaps warms up a little more than ordinary.

Now potentially buyers are a little bit cautious about the future of the product and they have highly doubt if there is an inherent fault in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S4.Lets see how Samsung band custodians tackle the situation.


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