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Imran Khan gets injuries as falls from lifter in Lahore

Lahore: After an extensive election campaign through out the country, Imran Khan stumbled and fell down from a lifter resulting in some injuries.

Just after the fall, Khan was rushed to hospital in a bit unconscious condition. He had just reached area for election progress and was getting on the roof when he fell down from the lifter with his two guards.

He was rushed to a nearby Gulber hospital, but was referred to Jinnah Hospital for proper treatment.
According to medical center sources, head of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf was bleeding and he was in bit unconscious condition.

Party leaders while setting aside any conspiracy say that they would investigate the matter.
would also put pressure on Khan to take rest unless of course the injuries do not restored.”

Eyewitnesses say that nephew of PTI chairman was crying while going with his uncle, but hospital sources insisted that there were only some injuries on head.

PTI Punjab president Ejaz Chaudhry while speaking with media made it clear that Imran Khan’s condition was of danger.

It was just an accident and it shouldn’t be called a conspiracy.

Imran has fallen from a twenty feet position, Workers of PTI are also rushing the medical center where they are being barred from police to avoid interruption in his treatment.

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