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Nicole Kidman claimed she everything

Nicole Kidman has claimed she eats ”anything.”

The 47-year-old actress insists she doesn’t follow a strict diet and will gorge on what ever she feels like, but she makes sure she doesn’t over-indulge.

She told the newpaper: ”there is certainly no secret regime. I want there was. I’m actually not that tight with my diet. I pretty much eat everything, but all in moderation.

”Similarly with fitness, I try not to be too rigid with it and blend it up to make sure it remains fun.”
Nicole also attempts to incorporate exercise into her daily life by doing something active – such as a bike ride or walk – with her kids Sunday, 5, and Faith, 3, and her husband Keith Urban because she fight to juggle a gym routine with her challenging career.

She stated: ”I’m sure all working moms can connect to how hard it is to manage a family while keeping healthy thru diet and exercise! that is why I’m a fan of various types of training. I run, ride my bike, do yoga exercise, whatever I can do and wherever I am in the world.

”We attempt to exercise as a family, which creates it much easier to fit in among anything else and, of course, much more pleasant.”

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