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Microsoft Announces new Nokia 130 arrives for $25

As was expected, a few days ago Microsoft revealed that it had ignored Nokia’s non-Windows Phone projects in favor of the main supplying. As it's turned out, however, one thing survived: the dumbphones, the cause being the fact that none of Microsoft’s current items fall in that specific category.

Showing mercy towards Nokia’s entry level market, Microsoft revealed the Nokia 130, a phone offering a 1.8″ QQVGA display of 160 x 128 resolution, a flashlight on the back and Wireless bluetooth 3.0.

There'll be optional Dual-SIM support, meaning a separate model will appear later with another mini-SIM slot. you will also get the music and player application, FM Radio and a range of 3 attractive colors (Black, White and Red).

Series 30 OS means that you’ll get plenty of battery life from the 1,020 mAh cell. Nokia states it will allow up to 46 hours worth music play back as well as 16 hours of playback for video.

There’s no camera, unfortunately but you can’t ask for a much more at its price point anyway.

MicroUSB 2.0 port is on board and so is Nokia’s trademark alphanumeric keypad. So as not to create file storage a worry, there is also a microSD card slot with storage space capacity of up to 32 GB.

Finally, the official price is ready at $25 for the basic single-SIM model.

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