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Facebook becomes the Television like method for advertisement

As everyone knows that Facebook was initially created for online social interaction but it's now become a source where one can advertise and highlight product in an excellent way. The current look of Facebook’s news feed full of advertisements has gone through an evolutionary process. Facebook is now place to 1.32 billion people from around the globe and the figures are increasing.

The smart minds behind the popularity of social media giant are one of the primary reasons for this evolution. They use insights to study the behaviors of people and hit the target at right place.
The social networking site has been dealing with enormous challenges in regards to getting revenues from the ads. Ten years ago, an average merchant could no way trust the Facebook being source of his item reaching out the public. It was a hard task for vendors to pay for the advertisements online. But the scenario has changed in 2014 with ever before evolving manner.

Television has been the only efficient way of advertising since many years as the medium is accessible to many general public hence grabs a lot of target audience. After internet, Google tried to get the share of advertisements online with offering direct link to any retailer via internet. Facebook has the capacity of doing both of the things, it doesn't only reaches to mass audience but also offering links of different retailers online

We can simply evaluate Facebook with the TV set in terms of displaying advertisements to public. What takes place in TV, whether its family or friends, stick to their display screens to watch their favorite programs and reached by ads. In Facebook you are not gonna watch your favorite show but it's now become a part of our everyday lives.

 From selfie uploading to sharing status, from browsing articles to take part in various discussions, it's been injected in our lives. People give considerable amount of time to social networking site and in outcome they see a flood of ads in their newsfeed. Facebook is not only a inexpensive medium to advertise but also provide more information of the product and its latent outlet.


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