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Daesh (ISIS) Want To Rewrite The Holy Quran

Based on the media reports, the organization of Daesh in Mosul wish to rewrite the Holy Quran. According to the “Afaq Al-Iraq” network from private sources the organization plans to remove various verses which are distorted and incorrect.
The Lebanese Al-Jadeed newsprint published an article quoting Iraqi media that states that ISIS is intending to rewrite the Quran and omit verses that it believes have been wrongfully inserted by the opponents of Islam.

Similarly, the report stated that the chapters which the organization of Daesh desire to change include the chapter of “Al-Kafiroon” and verses of purification.

As reported by the website of “Al-Mowaten” members of Daesh continued by stating the verses they wish to remove we’re placed by crooked distorted clerics to serve other religions and sects such as Christianity and others.


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