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Pakistan Taliban TTP Issues Fatwa Against Different Journalists

Restricted Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has released a fatwa towards

different journalists of the country accusing them of siding with disbelievers and their anti Islam activities. Reported by sources, after Fatwa, TPP has prepared a hit list of 16 journalists. Reports say that numerous media people are working for the agenda of Anti Islam forces on the name of secular reasoning. 

Tehreek-eTaliban Pakistan says that Anti Islam media is showing the opinions and objectives in an inappropriate manner.

According to report, the owners of 3 media houses, bureau chiefs of news channels, many anchor persons and some other reporters are at the hit list of TTP.

 A spokesman of TTP says that media should perform its role as impartial and should show to the viewers both sides of an issue but we see some media persons are propagating 1 sided. He warned the media and said if media does not mend its ways, it would never be secure.

He added that if they could attack within military installations, media houses would never be a challenging target for them.


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