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Actress Veena Malik Bringing Shame To Country Sangeeta

Lahore: Film-maker, director Sangeeta states that the work and steps of Veena Malik are bringing disgrace to the country. ‘She lacks modesty ‘. Sangeeta mentioned that an artist is like an ambassador who promotes good will to another country, making recognition worldwide. ‘Her parents should disown her’ recommended Sangeeta.
In an interview she revealed that day-after-day Veena does something which delivers shame to Pakistan. She lacks modesty and is bringing disgrace to the whole country. She doesn’t worry about her respect and neither that of the country’s pride. She said that I opine her to settle in India and never make come back to Pakistan simply because the nation does not want immodest actress like her.

The Pakistani model cum actress Veena Malik , the queen of controversies has had been into news after the numerous scandals that appeared of her connection with the cricketer, Indian Hindu actor , the bold pictures she's shot for an Indian men magazine.

Previously there had been news of her relationship with the former bowler Muhammad Asif. After she appeared in Bigg Boss, her close relationship with Ashmit Patel had hit the channels, newspapers giving hype to her indecent acts and shoots. Indian media have specific her as the ‘lady of Mass Destruction’.

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  1. Hot wife says:

    Veena malik is a Hot Actress who can do anything for money. she is a patient. she is mentally ill

  2. behenchodo yaha aakar apni ammi chudwate ho.. apne sade se pakistan mey baitho yaha mat aao .. harami ke pillo

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