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Ansari Abbasi Declares Caliphate as Real Solution

Islamabad: Prominent Pakistani Journalist, Columnist and political expert Ansar Abbasi has expressed Caliphate as best Political mechanism for Muslim Ummah. In a current column, Ansar Abbasi wrote that all countries stayed quiet on army takeover in Egypt against Ikhwan ul Muslimoon government.  These secular countries did exact same in Afghanistan and different countries where Islam was expanding.

They are utilising resources of Muslim countries and controlling them by power, Ansar said. The research editor of English News paper “The News” stated that America and European countries has planned this Drama.

The Solution of existing Muslims’ Disgrace is only unity, Islam and Caliphate, Ansar Abbasi Emphasized. Ansar Abbasi also accounted rulers of Muslim countries. All leaders in Muslim countries are trying to rescue themselves but America is gradually destroying these countries.

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