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Sheikh Rashid Secret Marriage

Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rashid nominations paper was accepted by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) from NA-55 Rawalpindi. Sheikh Rashid has presented his nomination forms from NA-55 and he's hoping to win election from this seat which is going to be hometown of Sheikh Rashid.
Throughout the scrutiny of his nomination documents a citizen objected that Sheikh Rashid covertly married in 1996 but in his nomination documents he (Sheikh) has written that he is not at all married which is not true.

Citizen named Habib Wahab ul Khairi mentioned that in 1996 Sheikh Rashid wedding was held with Shahnaz in Birmingham, England. However Returning Officer (RO) Kaleem Ullah refused all these questions after scrutinize the nominations forms and accepted Sheikh Rashid papers.

After the decision person was annoyed and stated that it looks that Retuning Officer was not serious in scrutinizing the papers however Sheikh Rashid stated that all of these claims are baseless and does not have any truth.

What do you think on this secret marriage of Sheikh Rashid, please let us know in the below comment box.

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  1. desae says:

    I had seen the wiki page about Sh. Rashid, about 15 years back which stated that he had married a top film actress of the time. The page was removed soon after.

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