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British Scientists Say Hair Dyes Could Cause Cancer

London: British scientists have warned hair dyes contain chemicals that could cause cancer among the consumers. 

Millions of females and males around the world use different chemicals to colour combination their hairs.

The researchers from Leeds-based company Green Chemicals mentioned that each hair dyes consists secondary amines which respond with tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes to construct massively dangerous chemical known as N-nitrosamine.

They claim that both home hair colouring kits plus the dyes used at expensive hair salons pose possible risk to health.

The scientists urged its important that the risk to wellness must be quantified because over a 3rd of females and one out of 10 males frequently making use of the hair dyes.

Previously, various physicians connected the hair coloring for many disease life-threatening infections just like breast tumours, bladder and leukemia.

One of the writers of the study, Prof David Lewis mentioned: ‘During this stage, we can’t take care of the amount of N-nitrosamines produced or the stage of risk these ingredients present though it is clear a potential risk exists.

However, the cosmetic makeup industry has strongly disputed the claim and also insisted that the potential of the chemical effect has been long known.

In THE YEAR 2009, a resource disclosed that ladies who utilize hair dyes more than 9 times each year have a 60% greater threat of blood cancer. A year later on the European Commission banned 22 hair dyes which place long term customers at risk of bladder cancer.

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